What’s Included

We know you hate spending countless dollars at the same crowded bars and clubs every Saturday, which is why WKNDR’s one day events include everything you need for an amazing WKND. $100 ticket includes:

Two Epic Parties

We want our attendees to have a unique experience in their city, and we design our parties to do exactly that. From rooftop bottomless mimosa brunches to private pool parties, don’t worry we got you covered.

Two Hand Picked Destinations

Ranging from exclusive nightclubs to private mansions, we scour each host city for the most exclusive and Instagram worthy venues to host our parties in.


We provide each guest with a ride-share promo code that covers their transportation to the event, as well as in between venues.

Our three-day events are designed with one thing in mind, to give our attendees the WKND of their lives. Your itinerary will vary depending on the destination, but we guarantee eight things during each WKND:

World Class Destinations

Our destinations are based on seasonality and carefully chosen to give you the best possible setting to enjoy your three-day vacation. Rest assured, the WKND will take place at some of the most desired travel destinations across the country.

Headache Free Booking

All you have to do is send us the departure cities for your group, and we take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

Tickets & Passes

WKNDR guarantees you access to some of the top events and activities available at your destination. From passes to world-class music festivals, to skiing top-rated slopes, we strive to make this the most memorable part of your trip.

Welcome Dinner & Reception

After check-in, groups will be treated to a private dinner and reception to meet all the other WKNDR attendees. Did someone say open bar?

Accommodations & Transportation

Groups will enjoy three nights at a luxury hotel or resort, as well as transportation throughout the event.

Private Parties

Wake up to bottomless mimosa brunches, and enjoy your nights attending private parties at top venues. Don’t worry, you can sleep on the plane ride home.

50/50 Ratio

WKNDR makes sure all of our events have a good mix of guys and girls. We require a 50/50 gender ratio for all of our groups, with the exception of all female bookings.

Discounted Dining

All of our attendees receive discounted dining options to some of the top restaurants at our destination.