One-Day Events

So where exactly is the event?

All of WKNDR’s events take place at some of the most exclusive destinations in our host city, including nightclubs, private mansions, and high end venues. We can’t give away the exact locations, as that would ruin all of the fun!

If the location is a secret, how exactly do we get there?

All of our attendees receive a $20 rideshare promo code, which will be used for your group’s transportation to the event and has the destination preset to our first venue. WKNDR provides transportation between venues for all of our guests.

How long does it last?

Every event is different and takes place at different times, but our events last 7 hours on average. Not enough time? Check out our three-day event packages.

How do we get home?

Our last venue will be located within 10 miles of our host city, and transportation after the event is left up each attendee. Rideshare and cabs will be available.

Three-Day Events

So where are you sending us?

Our three-day events take place in some of the most sought after travel destinations in the United, and a chosen based on seasonality.

If we don’t know where we are going, how do we book airfare?

Before purchasing tickets to the event, WKNDR requires attendees to enter the city their group will be departing from. Within 24 hours our team will send out a price quote and flight time options, and groups will have 48 hours to accept or cancel the reservation. The day before the event, we send each attendee an email containing their flight information.

What if the event is taking place close to me?

We notify all attendees if the event is located within 250 miles of their city of departure.

How many people can be in our group?

WKNDR does not allow individual bookings, but can accommodate groups of all sizes from 2-10 people. Have more than 10 people in your crew? Contact us about special rates for large groups.

How do the hotel rooms work?

No matter the event, our attendees will have three nights at luxury accommodations in our destination. Our standard booking has 2 guests per room, but other hotel packages are available to accommodate your group’s needs.

How does the 50/50 gender ratio work?

We want to make all of our events an even mix of guys and girls, so WKNDR requires all groups have a 50/50 gender ratio, with the exception of all female bookings.